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  1. Yeezus / Kanye West -THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE. Honestly this is how passionate I am about Yeezus. This is my favourite album of all time and in my opinion is the best Kanye album, just topping MBDTF. It may be short but it packs a massive, angry, mind bending punch. Born out of Kanye’s frustration, Yeezus is a great album to listen to if you are angry or frustrated and need to let it out. It’s also very artistic and emotional which gives a great balance and sophistication to the album. Yeezus has the best album opener of any piece of music with ‘On Sight’ an absolute blast of musical power with energetic lyricism and delivery. Next follows 9 incredible songs, best of which are ‘Black Skinhead’ and ‘Hold My Liquor’. The only very small negative about this is ‘Guilt Trip’ it’s a good song but I don’t think it fits well with the rest of the album, which is incredible. I could write multiple pages on why Yeezus is the best album ever but I’m trying to keep it as short as I can, but the message still stands. After almost half a decade since Yeezus graced my ears, it is still my favourite album.

  2. Good Kid, Maad City / Kendrick Lamar – A classic. The only word that does this album any (poetic) justice. What an incredible album this is. A powerful, meaningful and emotional release from one of the greatest rappers around today. The album is structured as a biopic into the life of a young Kendrick Lamar growing up in Compton. Good Kid Maad City profiles the highs and lows of existing in the harsh gang related environment of Compton. There is honestly not one bad song in the whole album. With a perfect balance of fast paced bangers (Backseat Freestyle) and chilled out slow tracks (Money Trees, Real) alongside captivating flow, incredible production and mesmerising lyricism. This is one of the best hip hop albums of the generation and will go down in history as a classic.

  3. Rodeo / Travis Scott – I’ve been so excited to write this review. Rodeo is one of my favourite albums ever. I only started listening to Travis Scott a few months before Rodeo came out, mostly Days Before Rodeo which is awesome. After listening to it non stop and when 3500 dropped, I was so ready for Rodeo to drop. I was so excited that I went out into town and bought the CD on the day it came out which is something I don’t usually do. Rodeo is a superb studio debut from Trav with plenty of crazy beats, but what is more impressive is that he also has the lyrics to go with the beats as well as an excellent use of auto-tune. There’s a lot of really good features in Rodeo but none of them take the shine away from Trav. There are some very special songs on Rodeo like Oh My Dis Side with the perfect Quavo and Trav collaboration, 90210 which is my favourite Travis Scott song, Nightcrawler with Swae Lee and Chief Keef and Maria I’m Drunk with Young Thug and Justin Bieber. The last few songs in the album just loses the hype that is continuously present throughout the start and middle of the album but are still nice songs. Overall, this is one of my favourite albums ever and my favourite Travis Scott project. This is the level of quality that Astroworld should be and all other Trav albums.

  4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy / Kanye West – It’s only right that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is recognised as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. That’s because it is. An absolute diamond piece of work which shows just what Kanye is capable of. Honestly, each song is special for different reasons. All Of The Lights, Runaway and Devil In A New Dress are all masterpieces. In my opinion MBDTF is one of Kanye’s best lyrical albums, songs like Gorgeous and So Appalled are lyrically incredible. Although some may love it, I find Chris Rock’s monologue at the end of Blame Game really cringey and unnecessary. But that’s a minor issue with an album that is anything but unnecessary. MBDTF also has some very solid guest features, nothing needs to be said about the features on Monster because that’s been covered too much. But Pusha T’s verse in Runaway and Rick Ross’ in Devil In A New Dress both add something extra to a pair of already perfect songs. Overall, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the greatest albums of all time in any genre with incredible lyrics and some beautiful production.

  5. Daytona / Pusha T – Pusha T has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. He’s been consistently excellent for years now and is in my opinion the most underrated rap artist. There’s a lot of things I love about Pusha T’s music but what I love more is I like him as a person. He seems so humble, happy and cool all at the same time. With regards to this new album, I’ve been waiting patiently for ages. When I found out that it will only be 7 songs in length I was slightly disappointed but when it’s Pusha T with Kanye on production, I should have known that there would be no issues. And because there is only 7 songs, there is absolutely no filler anywhere in the album. There are some excellent samples that Ye and Push have found for the album. Push’s flow is on point as it usually is. Lyrically Push has been better than most for a long time and there’s no change here. Rick Ross’ verse is good and fits well and Push’s chemistry with Ye is showcased on the track What Would Meek Do? It may only be 21 minutes long but when it’s 21 minutes of Pusha T effortlessly rapping over incredible samples produced by Kanye West, it makes it a very special 21 minutes. Daytona is the first of Kanye’s Wyoming albums and is already a serious album of the year contender. And that only gives me hope for the rest of the albums currently being made in Wyoming and coming out in the next few weeks.

  6. The Marshall Mathers LP / Eminem – One of the hardest decisions relating to this page is which is the best Eminem album? The Slim Shady LP or The Marshall Mathers LP? It honestly couldn’t get any closer but after a long deliberation I think that The Marshall Mathers LP JUST tops it. On MMLP it’s literally like classic after classic. Songs like Stan, The Way I Am and The Real Slim Shady can and probably should be in anyone’s top 10 Em songs. But even the rest of the tracks on this album are all amazing tracks. There’s a few songs on MMLP such as Stan, Amityville, Remember Me and Kim that made me go say WOW out loud and that’s very rare. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this album. This is the definitive Eminem album and perfectly portrays how Eminem should sound. Personal, scary and hilarious all in 1 album. As I mentioned in my SSLP review, the only downside is the amount of short skits in between the tracks but that’s a minor thing. Overall this is my favourite Eminem album as well as his best piece of work and sits nicely in my top 5 albums of all time.

  7. To Pimp A Butterfly / Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly is possibly one of the most important and ground breaking rap albums of all time. That being said, if I’m being perfectly honest, it took me a while to get into it. I listened to it the first day it came out and after my first listen I was like okay this is a bit strange. After a few more listens I started to understand what this album was about and once that sets into your mind then you can fully appreciate what an incredible album this really is. I could be wrong but I’m not aware of any other album of any music genre to completely use important social issues such as racism as a theme for an entire album. The important messages that Kendrick is spreading in this album makes it one of the most intelligently crafted albums of this generation. Additionally, I don’t think there’s any song I can recall that has made me feel shocked and moved after a first listen that The Blacker The Berry. Overall this is a classic and very significant album that should be heard by everyone even if it is not the easiest listen. A lot more could be said about To Pimp A Butterfly but I don’t want to waffle too much.

  8. DAMN / Kendrick Lamar – It may not be as captivating as Good Kid Maad City, or as powerful as To Pimp A Butterfly, but DAMN is still yet another piece of excellence from Kendrick Lamar. With a more mainstream sound and without an overriding theme like in GKMC and in TPAB, DAMN gives a more relaxed and open feel to it, as if Kendrick can say or do whatever he wants. This may not impress some fans but we should all know that K Dot is more than capable of bringing the heat when it’s needed. There’s a nice mix of different sounds in DAMN from headbangers like DNA and HUMBLE as well as a more chilled out vibe from YAH, LUST, and LOVE. DUCKWORTH still showcases Kendrick’s legendary storytelling skills and LOYALTY and LOVE continues to prove he can make some decent radio tracks. Overall, it’s understandable why DAMN is considered as Kendrick’s weakest album, but coming from such a master, this may be the best weakest album from absolutely anyone.

  9. Watch The Throne / JAY Z & Kanye West – This is an amazing album. One that humanity should be grateful for having. Two of the greatest rap artists of all time joining forces to deliver an absolute diamond of an album. Both Jay and Kanye brought their A game here for this and it shows throughout the album. There aren’t many albums that I’ve listened to that start off with a more perfect opener than No Church in the Wild. Followed by a great Beyoncé feature in Lift off, club classic Paris which has now earned legendary status and a continuous run of very good songs that have an amazing replay value for any kind of mood. I think it is also fair to say that this is one of the rare albums that keeps its high quality consistently, which kind of shows because my highest rated song is 10 and lowest is 8.1, instead of having a mix of a couple amazing songs and a few average songs. Each track is of high quality which isn’t seen enough for me nowadays on rap albums.

  10. Barter 6 / Young Thug – The Barter 6 was my first time listening to Young Thug and this album is one of the main reasons why Thug is now one of my favourite artists around today. It’s not perfect, there are some forgettable songs (Numbers, Dream, Dome) which is a shame because Young Thug is the complete opposite of forgettable. He stands out. For good or bad depending on how you see him and his music. When he’s on the top of his game, his flow and delivery are off the scale and insanely good. This shows in the Barter 6 where he just completely owns songs such as Check, Halftime and With That. Which is why I’ve rated those songs highest. His voice is a presence that flows throughout this album with ease. The Barter 6 is a solid album from one of hip hops hottest and most charismatic characters.



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