Billie Eilish’s rise in popularity over the past year or so has been monumental. I’d never heard any of her previous project before, so I was going into this album without any expectations or much idea how it would sound. For a pop debut, this album is very dark and atmospheric. Billie’s soft and whispery vocal delivery alongside some very disorienting and nightmarish production gives the majority of this album a horror film feel, particularly in the first stretch. Particularly with the song You Should See Me In A Crown which is genuinely incredible. Then later on in the tracklist, the song Bury A Friend has a very paranoid vibe to it. A large portion of this album focuses around loss and the idea of never being quite right. Which is how I feel about this album sat in with the entire pop genre. It standouts for being different. Not as loud or as generic or as boring as a load of other mainstream pop records around right now. This album to me sounds like its aimed for angsty teenagers who are going through some shit in their lives. But that doesn’t stop it from being a very well made and genuinely intriguing worthwhile debut album from someone I hope has a long and successful career.

1. !!!!!!! – N/A
2. bad guy – 8
3. xanny – 8.1
4. you should see me in a crown – 8.8
5. all good girls go to hell – 7.1
6. wish you were gay – 7.5
7. when the party’s over – 7.6
8. 8 – 7
9. my strange addiction – 7.8
10. bury a friend – 8.3
11. ilomilo – 7.4
12. listen before i go – 7.5
13. i love you – 8.2
14. goodbye – 7.7