Port of Miami 2 – Rick Ross – 7.6

After absolutely murdering some recent feature spots he’s guested on, I was looking forward to seeing what Rick Ross would come up next. Port of Miami 2 is his 10th studio album and the sequel to his 2006 debut. As always, the production reflects Ross’s character, grandiose, glitzy and expensive. But as he grows older, his ability to dominate these types of beats and sound confident and fresh is, unfortunately, starting to waver. He still gives his all with his deep voice and even deeper rhymes on tracks like Bogus Charms and Vegas Residency. Ross has always been braggadocios but never without self-reflection. He reflects on himself, his health, the rap industry, those close to him and life as a bigger picture. In 2014’s Mastermind, nearly every rap guest feature Ross had alongside him stole the show from under his feet. On PoM2, this isn’t the case, the likes of Wale, Gunplay and YFN Lucci, barely make a mark. Some small issues I have with this album is that I think a couple of the tracks, particularly in the beginning could have been mixed a bit better. And maybe a few tracks here and there could have been a tad shorter. PoM2 feels like Ross is further edging his way from street anthems to jazzier, more soulful ‘living in the big house’ hits. It’s not a bad listen if you are a fan of Rozay, the album certainly grows stronger as it goes along, but he’s certainly made better. If PoM2 wasn’t as bloated, had better features and a bigger impact, it could have been one of his best.

1. Act a Fool – 7.3
2. Turnpike Ike – 7.4
3. Nobody’s Favorite – 7.4
4. Summer Reign – 7.6
5. White Lines – 7.5
6. BIG TYME – 8.1
7. Bogus Charms – 7.7
8. Rich N***a Lifestyle – 8.2
9. Born to Kill – 8
10. Fascinated – 7.7
11. I Still Pray – 7.5
12. Running the Streets – 7.4
13. Vegas Residency – 8.3
14. Maybach Music VI – 8.3
15. Gold Roses – 8