Jesus is King – Kanye West – 7.8

Well well well, here we are, days away from Satan’s favourite day of the year and Kanye West decides to finally drop his long-awaited Jesus Is King album.
Everyone knows the set up by now, Kanye has gone from God’s slave to God’s disciple. We’ve had the usual ‘greatest artist on Earth’ line once again in the build-up to this album.
But could he pull off his most family-friendly religious piece of work?
For the most part yes. JIK is a nice listen if you don’t get too hung up on the complete change of character from Ye compared to how he was at the beginning of this decade.
But some things never change, he can still brag with the best of them and he still knows a good beat when he hears one and put it to good use.
But that’s not to say JIK doesn’t have its issues.
The album is 11 tracks long and just under 30 mins in length, which is fine. What isn’t fine is how some tracks sound unfinished, tracks like Water and Everything We Need sound like they need more content, whether that be an extra verse or longer instrumental. Even the final track seems to just cut off suddenly. And the fact that rumoured featured artists like XXXtentacion, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug and God knows who else, were cut from the album altogether, it kinda goes against the flow of the album and would only certainly improve the overall structure to it.
I wouldn’t necessarily call this project a rap album, because Ye does a whole lot of singing throughout, which is also fine, he can get out what he needs to say without rapping. But down to personal preference, give me the fire breathing angry Ye over this.
This album gives us the least personality and quirkiness Kanye has ever given us in his mood-varied discography.
Overall, this is probably my least favourite Kanye album, but even the least good Kanye album is still an enjoyable album with moments of true greatness. But considering the number of push backs this album had for numerous mixing and tracklist tweaks, parts of it still sound like there’s still work to be done on it.
I enjoyed this album more with every listen, but Kanye hasn’t convinced me to give up premarital sex just yet.

1. Every Hour – 7.2
2. Selah – 8
3. Follow God – 7.9
4. Closed on Sunday – 5
5. On God – 8.5
6. Everything We Need – 7
7. Water – 7.9
8. God Is – 6
9. Hands On – 8.2
10. Use This Gospel – 9.5
11. Jesus Is Lord – 7

1. EVERY HOUR – A nice upbeat intro from Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir, a bit repetitive but fast pacing sets infectiously joyous tone.

2. SELAH – Would have been a better intro track. Love the drums, the Hallelujah chants are great. Kanye’s mixing isn’t spotless but a great fiery track.
3. FOLLOW GOD – Ye’s mixing still a little bit off but great beat and flow from the man. The most Kanye-esque song of the album.
4. CLOSED ON SUNDAY – This is when things get weird. Very slowed down vibe after a fast 3 opening tracks. Would probs skip in future.
5. ON GOD – Love love love the beat. Love the Chief Keef reference. Nice performance from Ye BUT WHERE IS THUGGER?! 6. EVERYTHING WE NEED – Nice track but a prime example of a song that needed an extra verse. Again, Kanye’s mixing doesn’t match Ty Dolla $ign’s chorus.
7. WATER – Very nice hook but Ye’s repetitive verse is straight up annoying and crosses over the preachy line for me.
8. GOD IS – Closest thing this short album has to a filler track. Wouldn’t miss this track, probs another skip. Doesn’t necessarily sound bad, just not a lot going on really. The born again theme is getting wearisome now.
9. HANDS ON – Great Track. Very atmospheric production. Also one of the better lyrical tracks.
10. USE THIS GOSPEL – Love everything about this track. Best song on the album by far. Clipse = Classic.
11. JESUS IS LORD – This would be a better closing track if it didn’t just cut out in the middle. But what’s there is nice.