Aquemini – Outkast – 9.1

21 years ago today, Outkast released their magnum opus album, Aquemini. Highly regarded as one of the best hip hop albums of all time, Aquemini followed up 1996‘s game-changing ATLiens with an even more boundary-pushing creative beast of an album. The production was once again nothing hip hop had heard at the time, and lyrically, Dre and Big Boi were at the top of their game AGAIN! The merging of so many different musical genres in this album is something that has been tried and tried again but never with the same execution and smoothness as this album. This album, over two decades old, is still a model for how to create an album that may go off in all sorts of artistic directions, but still has the heart, vision and precise execution to make it one of those rare albums that can withstand the test of time with ease.

1. Hold On Be Strong – N/A
2. Return of the “G” – 9
3. Rosa Parks – 9
4. Skew It On The Bar-B – 8.9
5. Aquemini – 9.4
6. Synthesizer – 9
7. Slump – 8.7
8. West Savannah – 8.8
9. Da Art of Storytellin’, Pt. 1 – 9.5
10. Da Art of Storytellin’, Pt. 2 – 8.8
11. Mamacita – 8.6
12. SpottieOttieDopaliscious – 9
13. Y’All Scared – 8.8
14. Nathaniel – 8.8
15. Liberation – 8.9
16. Chonkyfire – 9


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