The Lost Tapes 2 – Nas – 7.1

The Lost Tapes 2 is Nas’ latest full length project since the 7 track mish mash of last years NASIR. From NASIR to this, I wanted to experience a more interested and energised Nas. From the first track being a slow start I was worried deja vu was creeping in but things start to pick up especially with Jarreau of Rap being one of the most mind spinning rap songs I’ve heard in a while. Tanasia has good production but a very corny hook. The same can be said for the track Adult Film, Swizz Beatz just does not belong on that hook. However the album does end on a high point with a almost 7 minute track of Nas rapping positively about life around him. The production on here seems to be a lot more suited to Nas’ style than the samples Kanye handed him on NASIR. It’s a lot more low-key and straightforward with slow jazzier tones which isn’t a bad thing on the face of it, but Nas plays it safe for too long on this album which makes it a bit one dimensional getting through it. I do think a song here or there could have been cut to make this album more manageable and Nas could have taken a bigger risk and try to push a new sound out but Lost Tapes 2 isn’t a bad listen and I’m sure the Nas stans out there will see this album as a return to form for Nas.