So Much Fun – Young Thug – 7.7

“No time for gibberish, all the critics hearin’ this” Thug states on the surprisingly low key opening track to his new long awaited album So Much Fun. That statement doesn’t last long tho as on the next track Sup Mate, Thug and Future go back and forth trying to our mumble each other. It’s at the point now where if you aren’t a big fan of Thug, you just won’t fuck with this. After a few listens, a lot of these tracks are acceptable Thug tracks. The issue is that So Much Fun lacks the grittiness of Barter 6 and the freshness of Jeffery. I do think the production sometimes lets Thug down and doesn’t really stand out. Maybe a cut track here or there would have helped this album out a bit and especially Thug, seen as Jeffery and Slime Season 3 are both short in length. For this album, Thug set out to put together a cache of catchy trap bangers and for the most part he has succeeded. The standouts for me in the tracklist are Ecstasy, Hot, Big Tipper and What’s the Move. And while my original assessment of The London was mainly positive, while I think the hook is okay and J Cole’s verse is decent, it probably isn’t the best choice for album single. Overall this is pretty much what I expected from a full length Thug album, but it doesn’t hit the heights of his previous projects.

1. Just How It Is – 7
2. Sup Mate – 7.5
3. Ecstasy – 8
4. Hot – 8.1
5. Light It Up – 7.3
6. Surf – 7.4
7. Bad Bad Bad – 6.9
8. Lil Baby – 7.7
9. What’s the Move – 8.2
10. I Bought Her – 7.9
11. Jumped Out the Window – 7.7
12. I’m Scared – 7.8
13. Cartier Gucci Scarf – 6.8
14. Big Tipper – 8
15. Pussy – 6.7
16. Circle of Bosses – 7.7
17. Mannequin Challenge – 8.3
18. Boy Back – 6.8
19. The London – 7.1