Floor Seats – A$AP Ferg – 7.3

It’s been 2 years since Ferg last dropped a project. The very underrated trap banger bible Still Striving. Now he’s back with a much shorter body of work that highlights his musical highs and lows. Floor Seats starts off with the title track. It’s a fun and pleasant opener with a unique hook. After that we get a couple of decent but nothing special tracks Jet Lag and Wam, both sound very SoundCloud and viral but don’t feel special in any way. Then comes the best run of tracks with Wigs, Butt Naked, Pups and Hummer Limo. Rico Nasty delivers one of the best verses on the whole project on Butt Naked, an incredibly fun track. Ferg then links up with Rocky for a sharp back and forth on the track Pups, and with everything that has happened with Rocky recently, hearing him just sounds great right now. But before the thought of the guests outshining Ferg all through this project, the best overall track is Ferg all by himself on Hummer Limo. Great verses and a change of vocal style from Ferg all sound great. The dud of the project comes with Ride, the Ty Dolla $ign collab where Ferg gets frisky. Just skip. The record ends on a similarly romantic note but much less offensive on the ears with closer Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies. The verses aren’t nearly as cringey as Ride and Brent Faiyaz’s vocals are much nicer too. Overall this is a low stakes, fairly fun but slightly hit and miss mixed bag from Ferg that has more hits than misses.

1. Floor Seats – 7.7
2. Jet Lag – 7.2
3. Wam – 6.8
4. Wigs – 7.5
5. Butt Naked – 8.1
6. Pups – 8
7. Hummer Limo – 8.3
8. Ride – 4
9. Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies – 6.9