Bandana – Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – 8.8

Given the huge popularity and critical acclaim of 2014’s Piñata, the return of Indiana lyricist Freddie Gibbs and legendary beat maker and iPad connoisseur Madlib for their new collaborative project Bandana is a very welcome gift. Considering Piñata was such a great album, this follow up would be under scrutiny to be just as good if not better. And if anyone were to doubt either Gibbs or Madlib, they should be feeling pretty silly right now. I wouldn’t say Bandana is better than Piñata, but it is still a great album with a lot of high points. The first of which being the track Half Manne Half Cocaine, Madlib conjuring up a trap beat with a killer switch in the middle, just epic. Another personal highlight for me is Pusha T’s verse on Palmolive. Push mixes grimy and luxury effortlessly. A collaboration project with Push and Madlib would make my dreams come true. I do like a lot of the themes portrayed in this album like crime, drug dealing, violence etc, Freddie Gibbs handles his lyrics with great punch. Whether he is a better lyricist than MF Doom is another debate tho. There’s no doubt in my mind that fans of Piñata will love Bandana, it is a definite contender for album of the year.

1. Obrigado – N/A
2. Freestyle Shit – 8.6
3. Half Manne Half Cocaine – 9.1
4. Crime Pays – 8.5
5. Massage Seats – 8.6
6. Palmolive – 9
7. Fake Names – 8.5
8. Flat Tummy Tea – 9.3
9. Situations – 8.4
10. Giannis – 8.7
11. Practice – 8.4
12. Cataracts – 8.8
13. Gat Damn – 8.5
14. Education – 9.1
15. Soul Right – 8.4