ZUU – Denzel Curry – 7.8

For this unexpected EP, Denzel Curry drops the heavy thematic concept from TA13OO and instead delivers us a short 12 track record of fun and fast tracks. This is a short collection of some good and great songs, and the lack of concept just gives Denzel the fun option of being completely free and expressive, especially with the production which is often wild and head banger inducing. The first half of this EP is stronger than the second, because the amount of spoken word interludes, and the fact that the early songs are just better. But 12 tracks, 29 minute run time and some interludes makes this EP fly by. But Denzel does deliver some bangers along the way. Tracks like the opener ZUU, WISH, BIRDS and the closer P.A.T are all explosive bangers. The rest of the track listing are all passable and somewhat good but not some of Denzel’s best. Overall I’m always happy to hear a new Denzel project, while this one may not be as significant as TA13OO or Imperial, ZUU is still a fun project that any Denzel fan should enjoy.

1. ZUU – 8.4
2. RICKY – 7.8
3. WISH – 8
4. BIRDZ – 8.2
5. AUTOMATIC – 7.2
6. SPEEDBOAT – 7.7
8. YOO – N/A
9. CAROLMART – 7.1
10. SHAKE 88 – 7.5
11. BLACKLAND 66.6 – N/A
12. P.A.T – 7.8