thank u, next – Ariana Grande – 7.9

I’ve said it before but Ariana Grande is probably the biggest pop star of the past two years, and with the release of her previous album Sweetner, she didn’t wait too long to drop another record. Now I haven’t listened to Sweetner apart from the big singles but what I have learnt is that this album here sees Ariana take a different sound and make it work her way. This is not your average pop album. For a pop album this is one of the most personal, self conscious and downright dark listening experiences one could have. Which is understandable given all the personal shit Ariana has been through in the past few years, it’s gives the album a great mood and atmosphere, and the fact there’s no guest features on this album shows how personal this record is for her. Ariana bares a lot of feelings and emotions in this album that highlights the message, it’s okay to not be okay, even though that what you may be feeling may evoke some negative actions. I enjoy the trap flavourings in the production in some of the tracks here, apart from 7 rings I really don’t like that track at all. Again, I think Ariana is one of the best vocalists around right now, her vocal range is tested on this album and for the most part it pays off. Despite having a different sound, I see thank u, next being up there with Dangerous Woman as Ariana’s best piece of work to date.

1. imagine – 7.7
2. needy – 7
3. NASA – 8
4. bloodline – 8.1
5. fake smile – 7.8
6. bad idea – 8.4
7. make up – 7.5
8. ghostin – 7.6
9. in my head – 8.1
10. 7 rings – 3
11. thank u, next – 8.3
12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored – 8.2