Save Me – Future – 7.6

The return of the seven track project sees Future Hendrix dip into his emotional and vulnerable side to deliver us one of the most unexpected gems this year. Only 5 months since the release of his previous decent full length album The WZRD, Save Me is a much shorter and mysterious project. The opener XanaX Damage sets the tone of the project well, I just wish it was longer. Future never fully leaves his trap flavourings completely off a project, he just changes up his delivery, he can do full throttle head banger or a more slowed down vocal performance. Which leads to the next track St. Lucia is a great track for Future. Please Tell Me starts to get a more repetitive delivery but is still a chilled listen. Shotgun sees Future go full ballad mode, singing his lungs out so much so that he’s almost shouting, but with his voice I don’t mind. Government Official and Extra are both decent tracks but not really much to shout about. The closing track Love Thy Enemies ends the project similarly to how it started, Future giving it more experimental vibes with his voice on a once again too short of a track, but my god does he sound great on it. Overall this is a nice project that strays away from typical Future cliches of being too long in length with an abundance of filler tracks.

1. XanaX Damage – 8
2. St. Lucia – 8.5
3. Please Tell Me – 7.8
4. Shotgun – 7.3
5. Government Official – 7.7
6. Extra – 6.5
7. Love Thy Enemies – 8.2