QUAVO HUNCHO – Quavo – 5.6

Even before listening to this solo Quavo album I had some problems with it. First of all, what the fuck is that cover art? Next, 19 songs? That’s a bit much. Then, all song titles in capitals? Eye roll. Despite all that, the opening track Biggest Alley Oop surprised me, those vocals in the production are hypnotic, quite an enjoyable start. The best part of the next track Pass Out is 21 Savage, soon as his verse ends I’m just waiting for Quavo to finish. It’s at this point I realise I’m in for a very long process getting through this album, and I’m also thinking that it’s going to be the guest features that will keep me interested. Drake doesn’t do much in that regard with his snoozy verse on Flip The Switch. Shine could have been okay but Quavo just brings no energy whatsoever to the verses. Getting back on the topic of guests, Madonna’s repetitive line on Champagne Rose is very annoying and Cardi’s verse is very underwhelming. Even the best Migo Offset couldn’t help save this album with the repetitive hook of Fuck 12 makes another potentially acceptable track a disappointment. A rare highlight is the Travis Scott assisted track Rerun, however it does have a strange mumbly almost schizophrenic ending. It’s no surprise that Lamb Talk was the main single for this album because it’s the most Quavo type song possible. Next track Big Bro is just straight up cringey I’m sorry. And his attempt at dancehall with Swing just doesn’t hit, but I’m sure Drake would be proud of the attempt. Overall this album sums up Quavo’s music quite well. Repetitive hooks, meaningless verses, lazy trap production, a whole lot of filler and some questionable decisions. But it does have some highlights trust me. Just not a lot of them have anything to do with Quavo.

2. PASS OUT – 6.5
5. GIVE IT TO EM – 4.7
6. SHINE – 4.9
7. WORKIN ME – 5
8. HOW BOUT THAT? – 5.4
10. KEEP THAT SHIT – 5.6
11. FUCK 12 – 4
12. LOSE IT – 6.7
13. RERUN – 7.3
14. GO ALL THE WAY – 6
15. LAMB TALK – 5.7
16. BIG BRO – 3
17. SWING – 4.3
18. BUBBLE GUM – 7
19. LOST – 5.9