Pinata – Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – 9.4

The 2014 collaborative album between legendary producer Madlib and Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs. I don’t think it needs saying that Madlib is one of the ultimate hip hop producers of all time. And on this album, he delivers another set of stunning beats and samples. While they may not be as creative as Madvillainy, they are still above par for jazzy and toe tapping beats. Freddie Gibbs is an artist I haven’t heard so much of but his gruff and deep vocal delivery make his bars sound so rough and violent. It’s easy to see why people think Piñata is the closest follow up to Madvillainy we are ever likely to get. But for me, while this album does pack a punch, Madvillainy is the legendary hip hop album for the ages, and I don’t think anyone could top Madlib and MF Doom’s chemistry on that album. The best run of tracks in this album comes in the middle, Shitsville to Uno is a fantastic group of songs. I enjoy this album a lot and personally think it is a modern masterpiece that is very well made. I’m very much looking forward to their new upcoming album Bandana.

1. Supplier – N/A
2. Scarface – 9.2
3. Deeper – 9.3
4. High – 9.4
5. Harold’s – 9.4
6. Bomb – 9.3
7. Shitsville – 9.6
8. Thuggin – 9.8
9. Real – 9.4
10. Uno – 9.6
11. Robes – 9.5
12. Broken – 9.4
13. Lakers – 9.4
14. Knicks – 9.3
15. Shame – 9
16. Watts – N/A
17. Piñata – 10