Issa Album – 21 Savage – 6.8

21 Savage’s 2017 debut album Issa Album set up 21 as one of the hardest hitters in trap today. For a debut it’s a good effort with only some tweaking could have made this a great. There are some duds on this album, they usually come when 21 tries to slow things down and get romantic on tracks such as Special and FaceTime. Another issue I have is the standard trap production from the likes of Zaytoven and Metro Boomin which I can kinda allow because it’s his debut, but some of the repetitive hooks make what could have been a good song just annoying. The only thing that saves the track Numb is 21’s verses. For the majority, his verses are the best thing about this album, if you don’t mind his sound and vocal delivery and don’t mind listening to an hour of basic trap tropes then this album will be a hit for you. Despite 21 holding his own well on the verses, a guest verse or guest hook here or there would be so welcome. I’m a big fan of 21 Savage and I’m very glad he pushed himself on his most recent album i am > i was. I hope he continues evolving on this artistic path he’s put himself on, where’s he’s gone from standard horror genre background trap to something more meaningful that’s worth the effort of a full in depth listen.

1. Famous – 6.9
2. Bank Account – 8.7
3. Close My Eyes – 7.4
4. Bad Business – 7.1
5. Baby Girl – 6.5
6. Thug Life – 7.2
7. FaceTime – 4
8. Nothin New – 7
9. Numb – 4.8
10. Dead People – 7.3
11. Money Convo – 7.5
12. Special – 4.9
13. Whole Lot – 6.9
14. 7 Min Freestyle – 7