I Am Not A Human Being – Lil Wayne – 5

Christ. Rebirth was bad, but at least it was consistently bad and stuck with one theme. This is just a messy irrelevant pointless release in a once great discography from one of the greatest to ever do it. This album sounds like a bunch of throwaway songs that either didn’t fit the bill in Rebirth or the Young Money debut album, or just couldn’t make their way into Tha Carter 4. I mean the first half of this album had some acceptable tracks, some of which sound like Wayne vomiting up the last bits of Rebirth type rock bangers out of his system. Some work, some don’t. This the ends with Right Above It, which was such a hit when I was in high school, it’s aged a bit but it still sounds good for the most part. After that is when the album takes a nose dive. Popular with Lil Twist sounds awful with a badly executed and annoying couple of lines repeated from the hit Young Money track Bedrock. And Lil Twist sounds terrible. Jay Sean brings his usual cheesiness with a hook on That Aint Me, another forgettable pointless track. Bill Gates doesn’t do much to rectify the situation with Wayne’s badly mixed verses including sections of lyrics straight from his performance on the Birdman track Dark Shades. But I suppose the hook isn’t terrible. The last few tracks don’t add anything much to save this album. Overall this is probably the most skippable album in Wayne’s discography.

1. Gonorrhoea – 6.7
2. Hold Up – 7
3. With You – 6.1
4. I Am Not A Human Being – 7.1
5. I’m Single – 5.9
6. What’s Wrong With Them – 6
7. Right Above It – 8.5
8. Popular – 2
9. That Ain’t Me – 5
10. Bill Gates – 4.5
11. YM Banger – 5.1
12. YM Salute – 4.8
13. I Don’t Like The Look Of It – 6