DS2 – Future – 8

Despite some flaws, DS2 is Future’s best piece of work and a top tier trap album of all time. 2015 belonged to Future. With his popular mixtape Beast Mode dropping in January, DS2 in July then to see out the rest of the year Future and Drake’s collaboration joint WATTBA was released in September. Sprinkled throughout these big moments in Future’s discography were some fantastic guest features from Future too. DS2 has some of my favourite Future tracks. Thought It Was A Drought which really sets in that purple lean slurried vibe, I Serve The Base, Stick Talk, and Blow A Bag are all classic Future bangers. The bigger hits that were so popular in 2015 like Where Ya At and Commas are great too. That purple lean vibe that most people talk about on this album is only prominent on a handful of tracks. Tracks such as Drought, Rotation, The Percocet and Stripper Joint and Blood On The Money all have that psychedelic and wavy vibe that Future manages to concoct perfectly. But for me the best parts of this album is where Future is upbeat and energetic and downright wild, specifically on tracks like Blow A Bag and I Serve The Base. DS2 is THE essential Future album and a shining light in recent trap history.

1. Thought It Was A Drought – 8.6
2. I Serve The Base – 8.8
3. Where Ya At – 8.4
4. Groupies – 7.6
5. Lil One – 7
6. Stick Talk – 8.2
7. Freak Hoe – 7.5
8. Rotation – 7.1
9. Slave Master – 6.9
10. Blow A Bag – 8.7
11. Colossal – 7.1
12. Rich $ex – 7.3
13. Blood On The Money – 7.7
14. Trap N*ggas – 8
15. The Percocet and Stripper Joint – 7.6
16. Real Sisters – 7.5
17. Kno The Meaning – 7.6
18. Fuck Up Some Commas – 8.5