7 EP – Lil Nas X – 5.5

Normally, child friendly pop trap wouldn’t usually cross my mind. But with the huge popularity of Old Town Road and it’s remix, I thought I’d give this EP a chance. Now I’ve been pretty quiet about how I feel about the viral horsey hit, so to put the record straight, I think Old Town Road is okay, I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it that much either, but the remix is a slightly better track, and the popularity is understandable. Now seeing this EP with 8 tracks including both original and remixed versions of OTR, and a run length of just 19 minutes, my first thoughts were that a lot of these other tracks will be half baked and somewhat underwritten. I wasn’t wrong, think Desiigner’s New English project but aimed for kids. I don’t have a problem with child friendly music, I can enjoy it and when it’s done well it can be somewhat entertaining. The problem with this EP is that a lot of the tracks are very short and don’t leave that much of an impact. I’m sure these songs would bang at a kids party but for me as a listening experience just wasn’t my bag. Especially for kids whose idea of being edgy is having sex and smoking cigarettes, as mentioned in the track Rodeo. Speaking of which, the Cardi verse sounds completely phoned in and a proper cash grab which is disappointing, other than that, it’s not a bad song to be fair. Next track Bring U Down is a catchy but short little bop. Overall this is a fairly harmless and somewhat catchy but not very interesting first attempt at a full project from Lil Nas X.

1. Old Town Road (Remix) – 6.3
2. Panini – 5.1
3. F9mily – 5.6
4. Kick It – 4
5. Rodeo – 6.7
6. Bring U Down – 5.5
7. C7osure – 5
8. Old Town Road – 6