2001 – Dr Dre – 8.6

2001 is the the 1999 follow up album to Dr Dre’s debut solo album The Chronic. This album alongside The Chronic help give the West Side it’s sound of the 90’s. This album isn’t experimental or boundary pushing. On this album Dre perfects his G funk sound he presented on The Chronic. This album reminds me of playing old GTA games, riding round without a trouble in the world being an absolute danger to society at any given moment. Dre goes from scarily overbearing to laid back and cool without sacrificing any musical high ground. There are a lot of guest features in this album, most notably Eminem and Snoop Dogg on the big hits such as Still D.R.E, Forgot About Dre and The Next Episode, which are all fantastic iconic tracks that set the tone of Dre’s vibe and surroundings perfectly. The autobiographical themes of this album and the heavy violence and drug narrative throughout are scary but told with such eloquence and punch. As the track listing is so long, a lot of songs particularly in the middle can become merged together, but for the most part, they are broken up with numerous spoken word interludes. Some are interesting, some are downright ugly. I do like this album and I like Dre a lot as a producer. I also appreciate what Dre has done in his career, and 2001 is no doubt a classic West Coast album of the 90’s and an incredibly produced one, but it is a bit one dimensional.

1. Lolo (Intro) – N/A
2. The Watcher – 8.6
3. Fuck You – 8.7
4. Still D.R.E – 9.3
5. Big Ego’s – 8.5
6. Xxplosive – 8.8
7. What’s the Difference – 8.9
8. Bar One – N/A
9. Light Speed – 8.5
10. Forgot About Dre – 9.4
11. The Next Episode – 9.3
12. Let’s Get High – 8.4
13. Bitch N*ggaz – 8.3
14. The Car Bomb – N/A
15. Murder Ink – 8.4
16. Ed-Ucation – N/A
17. Some L.A N*ggaz – 8.2
18. Pause 4 Porno – N/A
19. Housewife – 8.5
20. Ackrite – 8.6
21. Bang Bang – 8.7
22. The Message – 8.7
23. Outride – N/A