17 – XXXtentacion- 4.9

Florida’s SoundCloud prince of darkness XXXtentacion’s debut album makes the listener, and I cannot stress this enough, literally enter his mind. 17 is a very low-key and very minimal messy handful of half baked songs that express the illusion of deepness and downright sadness. Because these songs are criminally short and lack any sort of musical excitement, it is quite possible to snooze your way through this 22 minute project. This isn’t my favourite kind of music to listen to, I wouldn’t listen to this regularly. But that’s not to say I’m against sad and depressing music. As long as it makes me think and intrigues me more than it makes my eyes roll. There are numerous cringey lines on this album about death and love. I think XXX was a very talented artist with a lot of issues that could have become a real star, but this album just doesn’t do it for me even though it was his debut. The minimal song structure throughout this album of an intro, one verse and a very small hook doesn’t leave any lasting impressions on me for any song. The only catchy moments of this album are Jocelyn Flores and Trippie Redd’s Dark Knight Dummo flow he recycles again as X’s only guest feature. This album isn’t for me but I completely get why it is for others. RIP.

1. The Explanation – N/A
2. Jocelyn Flores – 6.6
3. Depression & Obsession – 5
4. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares – 5.6
5. Revenge – 4.5
6. Save Me – 5
7. Dead Inside (Interlude) – 3
8. Fuck Love – 5.9
9. Carry On – 6
10. Orlando – 3.8
11. Ayala (Outro) – 4.4