Future – Future – 6.8

Future’s 2017 self titled album is classic trap Future. A 20 track feast of Future’s undeniable strengths and disappointing weaknesses. This album has a good range of great hits, average tracks and borderline bad tracks. The hits such as Mask Off, POA, Super Trapper, will forever be stapled into the catalogue Future’s best songs. The rest however will easily blend in with many other average and forgettable plain trap cuts Future has delivered us. It’s very straightforward with little change up in sound or song structure or any guest features til the last 3 bonus tracks. This is definitely one for the big Future fans. The best tracks for me have the most energy in delivery or memorable production. For example the big hit Mask Off with the flute based production (and Feds Did A Sweep), even tho the hook is kinda basic, it’s classic Future. I’m glad Kendrick decided to jump on the remix with a nice verse. Another bonus track Used to This with Drake is a nice track but does feel like a throwaway from their joint project WATTBA. One big negative I had with this project was the annoying radio presenter spoken word sections at the end of songs such as Flip, I just don’t get the need. Also, there are some weird production bits that are hard to explain like on When I Was Broke and Scrape. Overall this is a bit of a mixed bag of standard trap Future songs.

1. Rent Money – 7.8
2. Good Dope – 6.8
3. Zoom – 6.4
4. Draco – 7.5
5. Super Trapper – 8.1
6. POA – 8.2
7. Mask Off – 8.6
8. High Demand – 6.9
9. Outta Time – 6.8
10. Scrape – 4.7
11. I’m So Groovy – 5.9
12. Might As Well – 6.1
13. Poppin Tags – 8.1
14. Massage In My Room – 6.9
15. Flip – 7.1
16. When I Was Broke – 6.7
17. Feds Did A Sweep – 7.3
18. Used To This – 7.5
19. Mask Off (Kendrick Lamar) – 8.7
20. Extra Luv – 6.5