Flower Boy – Tyler, the Creator – 8.7

Tyler’s most recent album is his most concise, thought out, fresh and all round best project yet. I think Flower Boy may be Tyler’s most revealing and personal record, and considering he has never been shy about expressing his feelings before, the emotions and situations portrayed in this manner in such a well thought out and different concept theme, are staggering. Then we get to the production and song structure. I think the first four full length tracks in this album is the best group of tracks on any Tyler project. The verses are some of Tyler’s best and the hooks, while they may not be ground breaking, they are incredibly catchy and just sound nice. Who Dat Boy is one of my favourite Tyler singles, the production is fantastic and Rocky brings great energy to the track. I felt like Tyler tried to carry on this sort of vibe from Who Dat Boy to the track I Ain’t Got Time, which is a good track but very similar to Who Dat Boy. I have nothing but good things to say about this album, I think Tyler has made his best piece of work yet and it will be very hard for him to top. But I hope he does.

1. Foreword – 8.5
2. Where This Flower Blooms – 8.8
3. Sometimes… – N/A
4. See You Again – 8.7
5. Who Dat Boy – 8.8
6. Pothole – 8.3
7. Garden Shed – 8.4
8. Boredom – 8.7
9. I Ain’t Got Time! – 8.6
10. 911/Mr. Lonely – 9
11. Droppin’ Seeds – 7.9
12. November – 8.7
13. Glitter – 8.5
14. Enjoy Right Now, Today – N/A