Crash Talk – Schoolboy Q – 6.8

TDE’s Schoolboy Q returns with new album CrasH Talk. An album that sounds like it needed another year to be worked on and a bit more effort from Q. Going into this album, the first single Numb Numb Juice I quite liked but CHopstix is one of the worst I’ve heard this year. I think this album is very much below the level of quality Q is capable of delivering. For quite a lot of these tracks Q’s energy is nowhere near as high as it should be. The production is quite disappointing to me too, some songs sound over produced and quite messy as a result. There are some good points here that stop this album from being a disaster, like Q does come out with a few good verses here and there but because these songs are quite short, none really leave a lasting impression on me or feel like fully fleshed out ideas come to life. The hooks on here are quite loose and not very memorable either. The second half of the album is better than the first with a better run of songs. Features are hit and miss too with the terrible Travis, YG and Ty Dolla $ign appearances but with decent performances from the likes of 21 Savage, Kid Cudi and Lil Baby. Overall this is a slightly above average album that just feels too messy and rushed to be anywhere near Q’s best piece of work.

1. Gang Gang – 6.9
2. Tales – 6.5
3. CHopstix – 3
4. Numb Numb Juice – 7.1
5. Drunk – 6.9
6. Lies – 4
7. 5200 – 7.4
8. Black Folk – 6.8
9. Floating – 7.3
10. Dangerous – 7.5
11. Die Wit Em – 7.6
12. CrasH – 7.5
13. Water – 6.9
14. Attention – 7