Channel Orange – Frank Ocean – 8.5

Frank Ocean’s 2012 major label debut album Channel Orange May not have gathered the same accolades and praise as 2016’s excellent Blonde, but seven years later, it’s still a great listen. Yeah this is a great collection of slow but emotional pop/rnb tracks from Frank that are broken up between a couple of spoken word and instrumental interludes, which I’m not a huge fan of. I’d rather take everything in at once without a break but that’s just me. I do like some of the varied production on this album but let’s face it, you listen to a Frank Ocean album for his voice first and foremost, spectacular production is just a bonus, especially on Blonde. Pyramids is a fantastic track that initially put me off because of its almost 10 minute run time, but listening to it didn’t feel that long at all. Pretty much on the face of it, these are just sweet background tracks that sound nice. But going deeper into it, the topics and messages Frank sings about are just as important and beneficial to the album as anything else. While there may not be as many classic hits on this album as there is on Blonde, it’s still a great album and an important moment for Frank.

1. Start – N/A
2. Thinking Bout You – 8.4
3. Fertilizer – N/A
4. Sierra Leone – 7.3
5. Sweet Life – 8.5
6. Not Just Money – N/A
7. Super Rich Kids – 8.6
8. Pilot Jones – 8.3
9. Crack Rock – 7.8
10. Pyramids – 9.3
11. Lost – 8.4
12. White – N/A
13. Monks – 8.5
14. Bad Religion – 8.6
15. Pink Matter – 8.5
16. Forrest Gump – 8.4
17. End – N/A