Blank Face LP – Schoolboy Q – 8.5

An experimental exterior with a west coast hip hop interior. Schoolboy Q redecorates his fantastic 2014 album Oxymoron with some amazingly flashy production but still keeps the homegrown heart and significance in his lyrics, making Blank Face a stunning improvement on an already impressive debut. Despite a lengthy run time of 73 minutes, this album rarely wastes any of that time. So if you actually bought this album, you would be getting a lot of good material for your money. This album is very atmospheric and at times eerie and ominous, but there are points mainly in the middle of the album where things just get straight up wild. There are a couple hooks that get a bit annoying but don’t ruin the song. There are a lot of guests on this album that for the most part add some great moments to this album. The standout to me is Vince Staples on Ride Out. That song is everything I want and need from a hip hop song. I also love the vocals from the females guests on here like SZA, Justine Skye and Candice Pillay. For me this album just shows me how much time and thought went into this album and I only wish the same efforts went into his latest album CrasH Talk. Overall I like this album a lot, it’s Q’s best for me with some great cuts and not one bad song. I really don’t get why Fantano didn’t like this. But I really would have loved a Kendrick verse somewhere.

1. TorcH – 8
2. Lord Have Mercy – 7.9
3. THat Part – 8.8
4. Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane – 8.6
5. Kno Ya Wrong – 8
6. Ride Out – 9.2
7. WHateva U Want – 8.6
8. By Any Means – 8.5
9. Dope Dealer – 8.4
10. JoHn Muir – 8.6
11. Big Body – 8.4
12. Neva CHange – 8.6
13. Str8 Ballin – 8.7
14. Black THougHts – 7.8
15. Blank Face – 8.3
16. Overtime – 8.5
17. Tookie Knows II – 8.2