Anger Management – Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – 7.8

Despite this tape being 19 minutes in length, it may be short but it’s anything but sweet. From opening track Cold, Rico goes for the throat. Her delivery is sharp and malicious over some booming production from Kenny Beats. It gets more melodic and softer towards the end of the tape, especially the final track Again being quite smooth and pop flavoured. In between these two great tracks are some short but interesting tracks all with great production. I liked the infamous Dirt Off Your Shoulder sample on the track Hatin which was nice to hear again. I didn’t really get why there needed to be a spoken word skit in the middle of what already was a very short project but whatever. I didn’t love every track on here, but for the most part, Rico conveys some important messages and significant moments here and there which gives this project a bit more brains than just being a head banger all the way through. I liked this project, if it was a bit more fleshed out with more meat on the bones then it could have been great.

1. Cold – 8.5
2. Cheat Code – 8.1
3. Hatin – 8.3
4. Big Titties – 7.7
5. Nasty World (Skit) – N/A
6. Relative – 7.8
7. Mood – 7
8. Sell Out – 7.9
9. Again – 8.2