Saturation 3 – Brockhampton – 8.6

The final entry in Brockhampton’s Saturation series ends the trilogy with a bright burst of fresh and funky music. The opening track Boogie is wild and sums up everything Brockhampton is about, it’s a banger. Then after that it’s just banger after banger. In my opinion, Brockhampton end their series with an explosive but melodic and smooth album that was kinda needed for me after a rather sleepy and uneventful Saturation 2. There are a couple toned down moments on here that don’t really carry the same bombastic effect as other songs. Tracks such as Liquid and Stains are the only tracks that we’re just good instead of great. But the rest contains Brockhampton’s best work and my favourite tracks from them. The production is much more interesting and outrageous than on Sat 2, which is a highlight for me throughout. The vocal performances are still good but a change in flow would have been appreciated here and there but that’s just me being picky. Overall this is the best Saturation album with the most amount of bangers I’ve heard on one album for a while. Throughout my new series of reviews, these Saturation albums were the most enjoyable albums to listen to and definitely made it all worthwhile. I’m so glad I gave these a chance, and even more pleased with the results. After I’ve completed this series I will be reviewing Iridescence at some point in the future, so I’ll be looking forward to that as well.

1. BOOGIE – 8.9
2. ZIPPER – 8.5
3. JOHNNY – 8.4
4. LIQUID – 7.6
5. CINEMA 1 – N/A
6. STUPID – 8.4
7. BLEACH – 8.6
8. ALASKA – 8.7
9. HOTTIE – 8.3
10. CINEMA 2 – N/A
11. SISTER / NATION – 9.1
12. RENTAL – 8.1
13. STAINS – 7.5
14. CINEMA 3 – N/A
15. TEAM – 8.4