Saturation 2 – Brockhampton – 7.7

The second instalment of Brockhampton’s Saturation series is a slight step backwards for me personally, but considering how good the first Saturation was, the result of the second Saturation is still very good. You could say that Sat 2 is more of the same content from Sat 1, but for me the differences are that the hooks on this project aren’t nearly as melodic or catchy as the first saturation. I’m not too mad that Brockhampton stuck to their formula from Sat 1 considering how nice it was but I can’t say they have improved that formula on this album. I think Sat 2 is a lot more lyrical than the first one too which is good, each member on here are capable lyricists that offer interesting verses throughout. I still like the quirky and different production styles in this album. But like I said earlier the hooks just aren’t as ear-wormy as I would have liked. So much so that I think that Sat 2 is like where all the least good tracks went that didn’t get put into Sat 1. There are highlights on this album but in retrospect I’d say those highlights, if they were added into the Sat 1 tracklist, they would be the least good songs in it. But I think that with a few more listens, Sat 2 will grow on me a bit more, but it’s pretty clear to me right now that Saturation 1 is the better album so far. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Saturation 3 so I’m hoping that will be an improvement on this one.

1. GUMMY – 7.9
2. QUEER – 7.8
3. JELLO – 6.8
4. TEETH – 7
5. SWAMP – 7.5
6. SCENE – N/A
7. TOKYO – 7.6
8. JESUS – 7.5
9. CHICK – 7.6
10. JUNKY – 8.3
11. SCENE 2 – N/A
12. FIGHT – 7.3
13. SWEET – 7.8
14. GAMBA – 8
15. SUNNY – 7.7
16. SUMMER – 8