Playboi Carti – Playboi Carti – 5.7

Playboi Carti’s self titled debut mixtape is pretty much what I expected it to be: Die Lit without the hits. (But saying that, Magnolia still slaps). From listening to this mixtape, it has definitely shown me that Die Lit was a step forward for Carti, even tho I only liked a handful of tracks from Die Lit, mainly due to either the production or guest feature. Not Carti himself. This mixtape holds back on the guest features and lets Carti do his thing for the most part. The production is still good, and quite frankly the main reason the higher rated tracks on here are rated that high, but the production is not as flashy or extravagant as Die Lit. There are moments on here I actually liked a bit, but then there’s moments I really felt like my head was being it was losing brain function. I quite liked the second half of the song Flex, I really didn’t like the first half but that change in tone definitely saved it. Overall, like I said in my Die Lit review, I just don’t connect with the repetitive lyrics and simple verses. Final track Had 2 being the perfect example of this. There’s not really much else I can say about this tape other than it is an adequate trap mixtape that will do more for others than it does for me. I reckon if I you took out all of the mediocre/bad tracks from Die Lit and replaced them with the best tracks from this mixtape, that would be a solid trap record.

1. Location – 6.7
2. Magnolia – 8.4
3. Lookin – 5.7
4. Wokeuplikethis* – 7
5. Let It Go – 7.5
6. Half & Half – 5
7. New Choppa – 5.5
8. Other Shit – 6
9. No. 9 – 4
10. Dothatshit! – 6.9
11. Lame N*ggaz – 5
12. Yah Mean – 4.8
13. Flex – 5.9
14. Kelly K – 6
15. Had 2 – 3.5