KOD – J Cole – 7.8

Coming into this album, I was excited to listen to it because I’d heard it was a more wild and different vibe than Cole’s previous two laidback and chilled albums. I’d say that out of the three Cole albums I’ve reviewed now, KOD is the best sounding album out of the three with some great moments. But saying that, there are some really off putting moments here and there that compromise what could be some great tracks. I really appreciate the high energy start to this album with the first two track after the intro. Although the song Photograph was a bit creepy. But after that comes my first real issue with the album. The quick fire and repetitive ugly hook on The Cut Off just rubbed me the wrong way. The verses were nice but that hook ruined what could have been a great song for me. None of the other hooks on this album get as bad as that but they can get quite repetitive. Cole definitely experiments with the sonic aspect of this album, specifically the voice levels. Some of which work, some don’t. Like the high pitch babbling in the middle of Brackets is another example of silliness that ruins a potentially great track. The mid way point gets a bit more laid back and smooth, and delivers in my opinion the best tracks on the album. The production throughout is simplistic but works well with a quicker flow than we’re used to from Cole. I probs like this album the most in terms of sound with some good verses and smooth flows. But some ugly moments harm the overall experience. Also, similarly to previous Cole albums, some of the messages he is trying to portray do hit home. But then there’s some that just don’t work.

1. Intro – N/A
2. KOD – 7.7
3. Photograph – 7.9
4. The Cut Off – 6.8
5. ATM – 7.8
6. Motiv8 – 6.9
7. Kevin’s Heart – 8.1
8. BRACKETS – 7.9
9. Once An Addict (Interlude) – 8.2
10. FRIENDS – 8.1
11. Window Pain – 8.3
12. 1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”) – 8.4