Iridescence – Brockhampton – 8.3

Iridescence is Brockhampton’s first album release since they capped off a fantastic 2017 with their successful Saturation series. The first album released under their new record label RCA, as well as their first album released without Ameer Vann in the group. With this record, Brockhampton definitely step into a different path away from the Saturation series and into something bigger. Think of it like moving out of your parents house to live in a mansion with all your friends. The all round sound of it is a lot more dense and hard hitting despite it having a mix of head bangers like J’OUVERT and more soulful ballads like SAN MARCOS. The production is still wild and keeps the classic Brockhampton style fans have become accustomed to. It is a bit messy tho, for example some the hooks aren’t nearly as catchy as previous Brockhampton hits. I am however still impressed that the band continually tackles big topics that trouble a large percentage of today’s youth and keep it fresh and relatable. You can tell how, with more experimental factors at their disposal, the band tried to shake things up a bit whilst sticking to their own sound. Which is fine by me, even though some of it may not have worked out they way they wanted. They still have room to grow and will hopefully tighten these things up a bit on future releases. I was a bit surprised at how much I liked this album considering how disappointed some fans were with it.

1. NEW ORLEANS – 8.2
2. THUG LIFE – 7.8
3. BERLIN – 8
6. WEIGHT – 8.5
7. DISTRICT – 8.4
9. TAPE – 8
10. J’OUVERT – 8.5
11. HONEY – 8.6
12. VIVID – 8.3
13. SAN MARCOS – 8.3
14. TONYA – 8
15. FABRIC – 7.6