Imperial – Denzel Curry – 8.7

Denzel Curry’s 2016 project is a lot of things. It’s raw, gritty, fast, intense, bare, angry, brief, explosive, energetic, dark, ferocious, and most of all, it’s fucking fantastic. What I love most about Imperial is that it sounds like its important. Denzel has something worthwhile to say instead of conforming to mindless trap topics. Instead, Denzel is using trap sounds to paint a picture and create a grimy and dark atmosphere, highlighting his far from perfect upbringing. Also, Denzel spits on this project like he’s an angry venomous snake, spraying cut throat bars left right and centre. You don’t want to get in his way, seriously his delivery is crazy. Although there was that one questionable lyric about Denzel being black Jesus and Luke Skywalker’s father being on the dark side. That one caught me off guard and I couldn’t help but laugh. On the other side of that point, the moments of melodic singing really work well and highlights how talented Denzel is. I think this is one of the tightest projects I’ve heard for a while, in terms of having absolutely no filler anywhere. Each track is a banger. I want to mention Rock Ross’s verse on my favourite track Knotty Head, despite a slower change of pace in his flow compared to Denzel’s, his verse is really good and his presence is undeniable. The last few tracks on this tape slows things down a little bit which I would have preferred to keep things at the same pace as the early moments, but that’s just personal preference. The last few tracks are still great. Overall this is a fantastic project that I definitely will be listening to regularly and quite possibly see becoming a higher score in the future.

1. ULT – 8.5
2. Gook – 8.7
3. Sick & Tired – 8.4
4. Knotty Head – 9
5. Me Now – 8.6
6. Story: No Title – 8.3
7. This Life – 8.7
8. Zenith – 8.2
9. Good Night – 8
10. If Tomorrow’s Not Here – 8.2