I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside – Earl Sweatshirt – 8.6

Earl’s 2015 album IDLSIDGO is a notably darker yet more refined piece of work than Doris was. The two things that really stand out to me in this album is the nightmarish but stunning production throughout the track list. And the second thing is how much more Earl sounds like he’s moved away from sounding like Tyler and Doom and really becoming his own artist, finding his own lane and his own sound. Compared to Doris, this album is stripped of the more conventional and commercial factors that went into Doris, and is replaced with an angry yet isolated mindset from Earl that transports the listener into the deepest and darkest depths of his mind during his depression. I understand this album isn’t meant to be criticised as a normal album, but all I can say is that I enjoyed listening to this project, and while it took away a lot of what Doris had, it only magnifies the fact of Earl’s progression and evolution as a rap artist. Even though I am a sucker for a nice melodic hook, I can’t say I’m too disappointed with the lack of anything remotely melodic here because of the great quality Earl offers instead. His flows and rhymes are still hard hitting whilst still sounding like he’s not even at a 40% effort level. But the production on here is the thing I’m going to remember the most. Once again thinking critically, I can see myself maybe listening to Doris a bit more but IDLSIDGO is probably the better project. And definitely a project that if I were to return to it, I would listen to it in full.

1. Huey – 8.6
2. Mantra – 8.7
3. Faucet – 8.2
4. Grief – 8.5
5. Off Top – 8.6
6. Grown Ups – 8.4
7. AM // Radio – 8.1
8. Inside – 8
9. DNA – 8.5
10. Wool – 8.6