I Decided. – Big Sean – 7.5

I Decided is Big Sean’s 2017 follow up album to his popular 2015 record Dark Sky Paradise. I said that in my review of that album earlier in my page, I do like Sean and some of his music and that he gets quite a lot of unnecessary criticism. I liked Dark Sky a lot, and I quite like this album too, even tho it has its issues. Sean is a good lyricist, not a great one. For every solid bar there is a questionably cringey one not too far away. The song Inspire Me is a good example of this, it’s a sweet song with Sean being thankful for those around him who inspire him. It’s nice but his singing of the hook is very off putting, before the songs starts to edge into the cringey category towards the end of the track. For me, Sean is at his best when it’s just quick bar after quick bar on a fast and interesting beat just like on the single Bounce Back. Which we do get a bit on this album, but had it much more on Dark Sky. This album is a lot more mature and thoughtful than Dark Sky, even tho that album had great tracks like One Man Can Change The World and Deep that ticked those boxes. It sounds to me like Sean wanted to make something meaningful to him more than make something that sounds new and fresh and pushes new boundaries. Overall I like this pretty harmless album to some extent. It shows Sean’s maturity and evolution from Dark Sky and previous albums that shouldn’t really be talked about.

1. Intro – N/A
2. Light – 7.3
3. Bounce Back – 8.3
4. No Favours – 7.9
5. Jump Out The Window – 7.5
6. Moves – 7.8
7. Same Time, Pt.1 – 6.7
8. Owe Me – 7
9. Halfway Off The Balcony – 7.6
10. Voices In My Head / Stick To The Plan – 7.8
11. Sunday Morning Jetpack – 7.4
12. Inspire Me – 6.8
13. Sacrifices – 8
14. Bigger Than Me – 8.1