Wow. What an experience. If you don’t know what this is, you need to jump on this immediately. ZillaKami and SosMula absolutely murder nearly every single track on this monstrously short mixtape. I’d heard that this wasn’t a general run of the mill trap mixtape, the fact that this mixtape merges trap flavours with metal and industrial tones and production. That sir, is right up my street. 14 tracks of cut throat verses, banging hooks and some crazy industrial and gnarly trap metal production. Despite there being a couple tracks that don’t hit as hard as others and kinda put the brakes on a little bit from like 100mph to 80mph, tracks like KenPark, Lamborghini Getaway and Snow On Tha Bluff but still, each track on here is a blazing experience. Sos and Zilla share similar vocal talents, but without sounding too alike that you can’t tell who is performing. Both performed great throughout. If this tape was about 10 tracks, the score would have been higher. I can’t recommend this tape enough. Genuinely one of the best trap records I’ve heard. I even played Caligula in front of my mum and she said that Sos and Zilla sounded like “a pair of savage dogs”. I was quite impressed by that.

1. Caligula – 8.6
2. Arson – 8.3
3. KenPark – 7.4
4. Gravehop187 – 8.5
5. Lamborghini Getaway – 7.4
6. Nuka Cola – 8.8
7. PTSD – 8
8. So What – 7.7
9. Snow On Tha Bluff – 7.3
10. Downer – 8.1
11. Aw Shit – 7.4
12. SHINNERS13 – 8.4
13. 33rd Blakk Glass – 8.5
14. Sk8 Head – 8.3