Atrocity Exhibition – Danny Brown – 8.7

Similarly to Brockhampton’s Saturation series, Danny Brown’s 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition was one of the most widely popular and highly regarded albums I hadn’t heard when I first created this page. Now after listening to it, all the Instagram hype makes sense and makes me wonder why I’ve waited this long to listen to it. First and foremost this is one of the craziest and wildest albums I think I’ve ever heard, it’s also incredibly unique and arty. The production throughout the record is insane with some of the most interesting beats I’ve heard for a while. Danny’s lyricism and flow is something to behold, particularly his lyricism. In every single track there is at least one stunning bar from Danny. Now it’s no surprise to anyone that has listened to this album before that it is a very psychedelic project with drugs as it’s main theme. But not just the usual theme of taking drugs, Danny raps about selling drugs, buying drugs, being addicted to drugs etc. Which is implemented in the opening track Downward Spiral, which is a really great opener that sets the tone for the whole album really well. For me personally the first half of the album is stronger than the second half. I’d say from White Lines onwards the tracks don’t stick with me as much as the first half tracks do. But don’t get me wrong, all 15 tracks are great. I can definitely see why this album is so well liked, I definitely see its appeal. I do love a hip hop album that pushes creative boundaries and sticks out in the crowd.

1. Downward Spiral – 8.6
2. Tell Me What I Don’t Know – 8.5
3. Rolling Stone – 8.6
4. Really Doe – 8.9
5. Lost – 8.3
6. Ain’t It Funny – 9
7. Goldust – 8.4
8. White Lines – 9
9. Pneumonia – 8.5
10. Dance In The Water – 8.4
11. From The Ground – 8.2
12. When It Rain – 8.5
13. Today – 8.3
14. Get Hi – 8.3
15. Hell For It – 8.4