Arizona Baby – Kevin Abstract – 7.9

Kevin Abstract has the ability to create incredibly meaningful and catchy pop rap songs. And for the majority of this new solo project, that’s exactly what he delivers. The record really starts off with the song Georgia for me which is a great ballad. The opening tracks Big Wheels and Joyride are good but they just feel a bit messy to me. Corpus Christi is my favourite track on this record because not only does it sound great but it’s one of the more self conscious and thoughtful tracks on this project. Closing track Boyer is another highlight for me because of its fast flows and bouncy production. There is a nice mix of songs like these which are more peppy and upbeat than the more chilled out vibes on tracks like Baby Boy. I won’t say all the production in this record is amazing, some beats do take the back step to focus more on the melodies and vocal performances so the beats can be a bit forgettable at times. But I also like the topics and issues brought up within the lyrics throughout this record which also get a lot of mentions in Brockhampton projects. Overall this is a good and short listen with some catchy as hell songs and important messages.

1. Big Wheels – 7.5
2. Joyride – 7.5
3. Georgia – 8.4
4. Corpus Christi – 8.5
5. Baby Boy – 8.3
6. Mississippi – 7.8
7. Use Me – 7.9
8. Peach – 8.3
9. American Problem – 7.5
10. Crumble – 7.1
11. Boyer – 8.2