Doris – Earl Sweatshirt – 8.5

Odd Future affiliate Earl Sweatshirt has been on my radar pretty much since I first heard of Tyler the Creator back around 2011 ish. Yet doing this review was the first time I had listened to an Earl project in full. Having recently listened to projects like Bastard and Goblin in full too, it would be easy for me to just say how similar Doris is to these projects. But instead I’m going to focus on this project on its own and judge it on its own merits. I do like this project, it’s dark, atmospheric and chilling at parts with the use of basey and heavy production alongside Earl’s low vocals and flows like he’s possessed. I do get a mixture Tyler and MF Doom when I listen to Earl, particularly in his rhymes, wordplay and the meanings behind them. There are themes in this project like family (or lack of), mental health, fans and fame etc that Earl has issues with that he speaks about on here in a very negative light with especially the tone in which he raps, but I think that his sadness and lack of positivity isn’t a bad thing, it works well with the whole low-key and almost depressing vibe of this album. He may not be the most energetic or explosive rapper to listen to but if you really listen to what he’s saying, you’ll know he’s not making hype music to blast in your car. He’s making his own serious and thought provoking intelligent music for people that only go out at night.

1. Pre – 8.4
2. Burgundy – 8.1
3. 20 Wave Caps – 7.8
4. Sunday – 8.1
5. Hive – 8.2
6. Chum – 8.7
7. Sasquatch – 9
8. Centurion – 9.1
9. 523 – N/A
10. Uncle Al – 7
11. Guild – 8
12. Molasses – 7.9
13. Whoa – 8.3
14. Hoarse – 8
15. Knight – 8