Wolf – Tyler, the Creator – 7.8

Two years after the release of previous album Goblin, Tyler, the Creator dropped his third full length project Wolf back in 2013. No having not enjoyed Goblin as much as I thought I would, I was still pretty confident that Wolf would still keep me on the right track of being a Tyler fan. For me Wolf is definitely an improvement on Goblin because it is a lot clearer in its ideas and it’s substantial thematic structure. After listening to Tyler’s first three albums in full now, I have come to the conclusion that Tyler is the Tony Soprano of rap. Tyler uses shock tactics such as rape and homophobic phrases to disguise what he is really feeling deep down which is his struggle with fame, how he is perceived by those around him leading to feelings of insecurity and other mental health issues. The comparison to Tony Soprano is that Tony uses his scary gangster image to either shy away or completely hide the fact that his lifestyle and position are totally destroying his own mental health and has to go to regular therapy sessions to help him. Such as what Tyler puts in his albums, the imaginary therapy sessions with himself. Musically, I think the production is still polarising and great, Tyler also steps up in the narrative side of things whilst keeping up his track record of incredible rhymes. Improvement from Goblin and an interesting listen.

1. Wolf – N/A
2. Jamba – 7.3
3. Cowboy – 7.5
4. Awkward – 5.5
5. Domo23 – 8
6. Answer – 8.4
7. Slater – 8.5
8. 48 – 7.8
9. Colossus – 8.6
10. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer – 8
11. IFHY – 7.7
12. Pigs – 7.9
13. Parking Lot – 7.6
14. Rusty – 8.5
15. Trashwang – 8
16. Treehome95 – 6.8
17. Tamale – 7.4
18. Lone – 7.8