Rap Or Go To The League – 2 Chainz – 7.2

“We out here bullshittin, for what?” Atlanta’s trap kingpin asks on the opening track on his 5th studio album Rap Or Go To The League. In a surprisingly deep and thought track from 2 Chainz, album opener Forgiven gives the impression that this album will see Chainz put his joker persona to one side and create a more meaningful and self reflective album. This theme suddenly evaporates and the good old 2 Chainz comes back with his stylishly cool and humorous lyrics about the usual trap topics. This album took a lot of people’s attention with basketball legend Lebron James acting as the A&R person on this album, giving a lot of input and thought. At first I thought this was just an advertising gimmick but I honestly couldn’t tell you what influences Lebron drops in this album. It’s not as exciting or evolutionary for 2 Chainz as his previous album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was, but it’s clear that Chainz was using that album as an attempted copy and paste job that hasn’t fully been executed. The guest features do well mostly apart from Chance and Kodak, but I’d say only Kendrick gives us something truly memorable with his vocally unpredictable performance on Momma I Hit A Lick, one of the weirdest tracks of 2019 so far. Overall it’s a good album but not great that has a much more interesting first half than second.

1. Forgiven – 8.2
2. Threat 2 Society – 7.5
3. Money In The Way – 7.4
4. Statute Of Limitations – 7.4
5. High Top. Versace – 7.9
6. Whip – 7.8
7. NCAA – 7.9
8. Momma I Hit A Lick – 8
9. Rule The World – 8.1
10. Girl’s Best Friend – 6.5
11. 2 Dollar Bill – 7.1
12. I Said Me – 7
13. I’m Not Crazy, Life Is – 4
14. Sam – 5