Harverd Dropout

Harverd Dropout – Lil Pump – 4.7

You’d have thought that given an entire year for Lil Pump to evolve and improve the style and sound of his first project, Harverd Dropout would be an interesting experience. It isn’t. Lil Pump has not attempted to alter his sound whatsoever, and in doing so, he has made this project sound tired and and somewhat draining to listen to. I did partly enjoy his self titled project from last year, and the fact that it didn’t overstay it’s welcome for too long was a bonus. Harverd Dropout outstays it’s welcome very quickly. The same redundant song topics and structure make up most of this album, that all it takes is an acceptable guest verse to stop me turning this shit off and getting on with my life. And when you’re relying on artists like Quavo to drop an interesting verse, you know you’re asking for miracles. Lil Wayne on the other hand did give us a great verse. This project is not without it’s fun points tho but also it’s brain destroying awful points, surrounded with songs that define the word ‘skippable’. Overall, this is a step back for an already patience pushing artist. My three main points I can share from listening to this is: don’t do drugs, don’t skip school and don’t listen to any song on here I have scored below a 5.

1. Drop Out – 3.9
2. Nu Uh – 5
3. I Love It – 6.9
4. ION – 3.6
5. Fasho Fasho – 4
6. Racks On Racks – 6.7
7. Off White – 2
8. Butterfly Door – 3
9. Too Much Ice – 4.9
10. Multi Millionaire – 5.6
11. Vroom Vroom Vroom – 4.8
12. Be Like Me – 6.8
13. Stripper Name – 5.7
14. Drug Addicts – 6.4
15. Esskeetit – 5
16. Who Dat – 4.7


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