Father Of 4 – Offset – 6.7

Out of all the three solo Migos’ albums, I could safely say I was looking forward to Offset’s the most. When I discovered that Set will be using this album as a heartfelt message to his four kids instead of a standard run of the mill trap project, I was intrigued if not a little bit disappointed. Because Offset, trapping at the top of his game can be excellent, as shown on the Metro Boomin and 21 Savage collaboration project Without Warning. But instead of doing a couple of thoughtful tracks at the beginning then going back to old fashioned trapping like in the new 2 Chainz album, Offset still manages to put in the thoughtful messages he wants to portray throughout the album without abandoning his trap roots altogether. These opening tracks aren’t bad but I don’t think I’d listen to them regularly. But it’s admirable that Offset has ventured into a new direction, but I’m glad that he hasn’t strayed too far in the whole ‘bad father, bad husband, bad person’ direction. I think because he’s trying to sound sincere he loses that finesse and showmanship in his voice that makes him the most interesting Migo, like he’s holding it back and purposely sounding low key. There aren’t many bangers on here which is a shame for me personally but there aren’t really any bad songs on this project. I think it’s safe to say that each Migo benefits when there is a guest feature to work alongside. Even Offset who I thought had the most in him to carry a project on his own. But the guest features on this project do make it more interesting and less tiring. Overall this is a admirable but forgettable project from Offset.

1. Father Of 4 – 6.3
2. How Did I Get Here – 6.6
3. Lick – 6.7
4. Tats On My Face – 7.1
5. Made Men – 7
6. Wild Wild West – 7.4
7. North Star – 7.3
8. After Dark – 6.2
9. Don’t Lose Me – 6.1
10. Underrated – 6.7
11. Legacy – 7.3
12. Clout – 6.3
13. On Fleek – 6.4
14. Quarter Milli – 7
15. Red Room – 6.5
16. Came A Long Way – 7.5