So Far Gone – Drake – 7

The full original version of Drake’s 2009 mixtape has been released on streaming services to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. So I thought I’d give it a full listen and review because I never really gave this project much thought in the decade its been out, only really knowing the bigger tracks like Successful and obviously Best I Ever Had. Now listening back to this mixtape now, there are so many moments where I’m thinking that this is Thank Me Now with a different name. It’s scary how similar they both sound and how Drake didn’t really change up his sound until Take Care, which I still hold in high regard to this day and see it as a project that Drake will never beat. But if you are a fan of Drake’s early style of slow and very melodic heavy RnB vibe, then this project is definitely for you. With Thank Me Now, I enjoyed it and it’s similar vibe but it isn’t really my favourite style of Drake’s. And just like So Far Gone, if you’re looking for a suitable project to listen to when you’re having a bubble bath and feel like overthinking and being in your feelings and emotions, then this is the project for you. Or if you just want to feel like it’s 2009 again. P.S I’ve never heard a lyric that has made me more unsure of myself than the lyric “I never get attracted to fans/ Cuz an eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam” WTF. And hearing Drake over the Say You Will beat was pretty nice too.

1. Lust For Life – 6.7
2. Houstatlantavegas – 7.2
3. Successful – 8
4. Let’s Call It Off – 6.3
5. November 18th – 6.8
6. Ignant Shit – 7.8
7. November 18th – 6
8. Say What’s Real – 8.3
9. Little Bit – 6.7
10. Best I Ever Had – 8.4
11. Unstoppable – 8
12. Uptown – 8.2
13. Sooner Than Later – 7
14. Bria’s Interlude – 5.6
15. The Calm – 7.4
16. Outro – N/A
17. Brand New – 6.9
18. Congratulations – 7.7