Epiphany – T-Pain – 7.6

The OG Autotune God T-Pain’s 2007 studio album Epiphany is everything you’d expect from a T-Pain project, mesmerising vocals, sharp af production and a very unique and melodic vibe. Around the big hits of Church, Bartender and Buy U A Drank, T-Pain sticks to what he is good at without pushing too many boundaries. Which is fine for anyone that enjoys the same structure and sound of any T-Pain song, which to some extent, I do. The moments where T-Pain does indeed try and make Epiphany something special and push some boundaries, it’s like he’s rolling the dice without knowing if it’ll be a success or a failure. For example, the loud and abrasive head banger Shottas is one of my highlights of this album. Whereas the very unexpected HIV themed interlude and following track I Got It and Suicide, just didn’t hit it with me personally. Another negative stand out point for me was the album closer Let The Bass Drop, which literally sounds like T-Pain having sex. Which if I’m being honest left a bit of a sour taste. Calling every other song on this album ‘filler’ would be an accurate although fairly harsh word for the number of enjoyable tracks throughout Epiphany. T-Pain knows his sound and how to make hits, and I’m so glad he has become such an influence on some artists nowadays. Overall this is an enjoyable and straightforward album for all those autotune junkies out there.

1. Tallahassee Love – 7.4
2. Church – 8.5
3. Tipsy – 7.3
4. Show U How – 7.1
5. I Got It – N/A
6. Suicide – 6
7. Bartender – 8.3
8. Backseat Action – 8
9. Put It Down – 7.8
10. Time Machine – 7.7
11. Yo Stomach – 7.6
12. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) – 8.4
13. 69 – 7.7
14. Reggae Night – N/A
15. Shottas – 7.9
16. Right Hand – 7
17. Sounds Bad – 8
18. Calm The Fuck Doun – 7.5
19. Let The Bass Drop – 5