Compton – Dr Dre – 8.6

Legendary rapper/producer/billionaire Dr Dre dropped his first album in 16 years back in 2015 with the release of Compton, an album where Dre brings together some of his most trusted artists and orchestrates them over an hour long album of classic Dre style production. And with artists like Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Ice Cube etc over Dre production, there was no way this album wasn’t going to be great. Which it really is. It would be easy to assume that Dre simply takes a back seat and let’s all these featured artists do their own thing, but Dre does give himself a significant part in a lot of these tracks, and he does not get overshadowed by anyone. Compton is a meaty but elegant album full of hits. Literally every single track is great. The real stand out part of Compton is the production, and Dre’s talent to make his idolised West Coast 90’s production sound fresh and new in today’s generation. I would have liked a bit more Kendrick Lamar and another verse from The Game on Just Another Day but I’d have to give the best performance award to Anderson Paak. Overall this is a very strong and substantial breath of fresh air album that has phenomenal production, some epic verses and guest performances and great replay value.

1. Intro – N/A
2. Talk About It – 8.5
3. Genocide – 8.8
4. It’s All On Me – 8.4
5. All In A Day’s Work – 8.6
6. Darkside/Gone – 9
7. Loose Canons – 8.6
8. Issues – 8.6
9. Deep Water – 9.1
10. One Shot One Kill – 8.2
11. Just Another Day – 8.4
12. For The Love Of Money – 8.1
13. Satisfiction – 8.3
14. Animals – 8.9
15. Medicine Man – 8.2
16. Talking to My Diary – 8.4