Live Love A$AP – A$AP Rocky – 8

One of the most revered and popular mixtapes in recent memory, Live, Love A$AP introduced the world to one of the most widely known pretty faces in the rap game today, A$AP Rocky. It’s very clear listening back to this project just why it is so popular. The big highlight for me throughout this mixtape is by far the production. Producer Clams Casino worked wonders in this project. But that is not to take away from Rocky’s performance, which isn’t bad, but he just didn’t express himself in the extravagant way he has grown to do in his more recent projects. This shows mainly in his lyrics, which contains heavy links to topics such as drugs, sex, money and being a pretty motherfucker. Which I know he still does in his lyrics now but I feel like he has learnt to somewhat evolve these lyrics in a way. I must say that this mixtape is one of the most chill and easiest listens you could ever experience. This really is an excellent project to get high to. Overall, for a debut mixtape, Live, Love A$AP is without doubt a great start to any discography.

1. Palace – 8.3
2. Peso – 9
3. Bass – 8.4
4. Wassup – 7.7
5. Brand New Guy – 8.1
6. Purple Swag: Chapter 2 – 7.6
7. Get Lit – 7
8. Trilla – 7.4
9. Keep It G – 7.1
10. Kissin Pink – 7.7
11. Houston Old Head – 6.9
12. Acid Drip – 4
13. Leaf – 8
14. Roll One Up – 7.5
15. Demons – 8.3