For my next concert related post, I wanted to share a list of artists who I would love to see perform live in concerts that I haven’t seen already.

Kanye West – One of the greatest to ever do it. My favourite artist of all time, there’s absolutely no way I would not want to watch this man perform live. I remember a few years ago, on YouTube, there was a video compiled of fan videos of Kanye’s Yeezus Tour, all edited together to make a full video of a Yeezus concert. I used to love watching this video but it has since been removed on copyright grounds I think. Anyway, I don’t think there are many rap fans out there that would not like to go to a Kanye concert.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Blood On The Leaves, Good Life, Black Skinhead, All Of The Lights.

Travis Scott – Alongside Kanye, Travis Scott would probably have the most visually pleasing and stimulating concert out of all of these listed artists. In all of Scott’s musical projects, each one of those projects has a significant amount of bangers that you just know were made to be performed live. Big hits like, Upper Echelon, Antidote, 3500 and Stargazing are all tracks that would get any crowd bouncing, but other tracks like Mamacita, Pornography, Pick Up The Phone etc, just add to an already amazing setlist. Only thing I’d have to think about regards to going to a Travis concert is whether or not I would get seated or standing tickets and experience one of the famous Travis Scott mosh pits.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Mamacita, Antidote, 3500. 

Pusha T – Moving on from the more extravagant concerts, one artist I would love to see perform live is one of my favourite artists ever, Pusha T. Out of all these listed artists, a Pusha T concert may be the most low key and intimate show. Now every concert I have been to was in a huge venue with little to no intimacy or artist interaction. But I imagine lowkey concerts just emphasise the artists performance, very much like the majority of Pusha T’s songs, he emphasises every word he says so no lyric goes unnoticed and resonates with the listener.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Santeria, King Push, Untouchable, Numbers On The Board.

Young Thug – Young Thug is probably the most unique artist out right now in terms of music style, voice, delivery and production. Everything he releases is unpredictable and different than before. This is what makes Young Thug one of my favourite artists right now and one of the most exciting and impressive musicians around. So it only makes sense I would love the chance to see him perform live. The unpredictability of his art just makes any live show equally as unpredictable.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Check, F Cancer, Halftime.

Chief Keef – Bit of a left field choice of artist to see live but with absolute bangers like Faneto and Love Sosa, those two tracks alone would be worth the price of a concert ticket in my opinion. And for all the numerous irrelevant and unlistenable mixtapes that are about as regular as my review posts when this page first started, these bangers and some other decent tracks will all make the way into a Chief Keef setlist, hopefully.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Faneto, Love Sosa, Superheroes, Sosa Chamberlain.

Jay Z – Similar to Pusha T, I would imagine that a Jay Z concert wouldn’t be the loudest or most explosive show compared to some of the other artists in this list, but the quality would not be any less though. For such a long and successful career in the music business that Jay Z has had, even the tracks from his least successful albums would still be an amazing experience. He’s probably one of the artists on this list that I would love to be able to say that I have seen live. Even though he may not be the hottest artist around right now, I could totally imagine a Jay Z concert being definitely worth the money.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Renegade, 99 Problems, Lucifer, PSA, Young Forever. 

Lil Wayne – As mentioned a few times before, Lil Wayne got me into rap music, so it would only make sense that I would want to see him perform. A rollercoaster of a career but a career containing iconic bangers that would be historic to see performed live. What would make a Wayne concert so special would be is that his is probably on of the most charismatic artists in this list. Even a concert of just some of Wayne’s best guest feature verses would be worth it in my opinion.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Mr Carter, Lollipop, A Milli, John.

A$AP Rocky – Testing was a bag of wank but nonetheless, Rocky has enough in his locker to put on a good show in my opinion. I saw a video on Instagram of part of a show from Rocky’s recent Injured Generation Tour where he brought out Drake to perform alongside Rocky, and it looked sick to be fair. Rocky is one of those artists that could pull out any number of artists to perform mid concert.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Long Live A$AP, L$D, A$AP Forever, Peso, Ghetto Symphony.

Drake – I mentioned Drake in my previous concert post when he appeared alongside Rihanna at her concert, and there is another story I want to share with you about a Drake concert in my next and final concert post. But for now, even though my admiration for Drake and his music has dropped drastically since 2015, I would still like to see the man perform live at some point of my life. The bangers he has and the obvious crowd connection he showed in 5 minutes on stage back in 2016 with Rihanna would just be a glimpse of what he could do in front of an entire crowd for two hours.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Know Yourself, Pound Cake, HYFR, Jumpman, KMT The Motto, Headlines.

Beyonce – Yes I fucking love Beyonce and would very much like to go to a Beyonce concert one day and unashamedly sing my lungs off to some of her tracks. Actually that is another one of my past concert regrets, Bey and Jay performed at the Etihad stadium during their most recent On The Run tour, which is the stadium I go to nearly every week to watch my team play football. And another fun fact, the week after I watched Rihanna perform in 2016, the very next week after that, Beyonce performed at the same venue and I missed her then too.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Halo, Superpower, Partition, XO, Crazy In Love, Drunk In Love.

Future – Similar to Chief Keef, Future is another artist with a fuck ton of material with quite a few bangers included in that material. If these bangers that I’m thinking of get performed, a Future concert could potentially be one of the craziest experiences ever. Another thing about a Future concert is that, similar to A$AP Rocky, any number of guest artists could emerge and perform alongside him, which would add a whole other level to the set, whether that be Young Thug, Drake, Nicki Minaj or any other frequent Future collaborator.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Blow A Bag, I Serve The Base, Wicked, Low Life, Mask Off, Diamonds Dancing. 

Eminem – I thought I’d save this one for last. Regardless of all the utter shite that Eminem has released over the years, his classics will always make their way into the setlist. The best way I would experience an Eminem concert, is that if it was guaranteed 100% that no songs from Revival or Kamikaze will be performed. Then it would be great.

Songs I’d love to see performed: Guilty Conscience, Just Don’t Give A Fuck, Stan, Mockingbird, Rap God, Evil Twin, Beautiful, Till I Collapse. 

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading this post, it really means a lot. Please share this post if you can and comment some artists you would love to see at a concert. the next and final concert post will be on my general thought sand feelings about concerts and live shows.