Scorpion – Drake – 5.9

Drake’s latest very full length album Scorpion took me a while to listen to. Mainly because some of you may know that my likeness for Drake has dropped over the years, and seeing that this project was 25 songs in length, I wasn’t rushing to work my way through it. But fuck it, I thought I’d give it a chance. Considering this album is split into two sides, and the first side is the more rap heavy of the two, this was the section I was most interests in. And out of these 12 tracks in side A, there’s about half of those tracks where Drake sounds half asleep and totally uninterested which results in some completely forgettable and underwhelming tracks. The only real high points on side A are the tracks where Drake sounds like he actually has something substantial and worthwhile to say, such as God’s Plan, 8 Out Of 10, Sandra’s Rose, Talk Up and Is There More, these tracks also have some decent production too. Side B is the more melodic and slower side of the album. And unfortunately, it’s pretty much the same as side A just with a different vibe. I really don’t know what the main message Drake is trying to get across throughout this whole album. The last leg of this album was a real struggle to get through. I really think it’s got to the point now where Drake has just become a hit single artist. By this I mean he drops a couple of great radio hits but then he just surrounds them with very simplistic and forgettable tracks in a full album. Overall this latest Drake album is yet another blank misstep in a discography that is rapidly growing in mediocrity.

1. Survival – 5.8
2. Nonstop – 6.9
3. Elevate – 5.7
4. Emotionless – 6
5. God’s Plan – 8.5
6. I’m Upset – 5
7. 8 Out Of 10 – 7
8. Mob Ties – 5.6
9. Can’t Take A Joke – 6.4
10. Sandra’s Rose – 7.5
11. Talk Up – 8
12. Is There More – 7
1. Peak – 3.8
2. Summer Games – 4.5
3. Jaded – 5.9
4. Nice For What – 7.6
5. Finesse – 5.3
6. Ratchet Happy Birthday – 2
7. That’s How You Feel – 5
8. Blue Tint – 6.1
9. In My Feelings – 6.9
10. Don’t Matter To Me – 5.6
11. After Dark – 6
12. Final Fantasy – 5
13. March 14 – 6


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