Goblin – Tyler, The Creator – 6

Listening to Tyler The Creator’s debut studio album Goblin was a pretty difficult experience. After listening to Yonkers many years ago and loving it, that was the only thing I had heard from Goblin. And after listening to Bastard for the first time not so long ago and enjoying it, I was pretty happy to move on to this album. Now starting off, Goblin is pretty good, it doesn’t really change up the structure or style that Bastard has, with the whole Tyler talking to his deep voiced therapist/conscious again, which I was slightly surprised but not too disappointed with, because it’s like a been there done that kind of thing. But in the middle of this album towards the end, oh my god, this was a real struggle to get through. The four track stretch from Fish to Window is a real drag and not great at all imo. Now I don’t want to seem like a baby but all the dark and horrible themes and topics that are thrown about everywhere in most of Tyler’s music, especially in Bastard, well they were turned up to the max in Goblin, so much so that it just became overbearing and unpleasant and just so unnecessary. Now I get that this is Tyler’s whole deal, the shock value of his lyrics, I’ve always known this and whenever I sporadically heard him every now again it was fine, but listening to them for over an hour, the shock value gets replaced with numerous eye rolls. The production is very sci-fi horror that goes well with the themes of these songs but a lot of the time it doesn’t sound great and just does not stand out at all. With Yonkers I feel like Tyler knew he had a hit with that so tried so hard to stick to that structure and delivery throughout Goblin that it became repetitive and didn’t help some of the songs stand out.

1. Goblin – 8
2. Yonkers – 9
3. Radicals – 7.8
4. She – 7.5
5. Transylvania – 7
6. Nightmare – 7.2
7. Tron Cat – 6.9
8. Her – 6.6
9. Sandwitches – 7.3
10. Fish – 4.8
11. Analog – 5.3
12. Bitch Suck Dick – 3
13. Window – 3.8
14. Au79 – N/A
15. Golden – 6.4
16. Burger – 6.3
17. Untitled 63 – N/A
18. Steak Sauce – 5.8