Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande – 7.8

Ariana Grande for me is one of the very best pop artists around right now. Her 2016 album Dangerous Woman is a very strong and enjoyable set of pop bangers that are sexy, empowering and all round enjoyable. The opening track Moonlight doesn’t really stand out to me at all, and has no real business being the first track. Especially since the second track Dangerous Woman really captures the overall essence and theme of the album and would have definitely been the better opener. The other two big singles from this album, Into You and Side To Side with Nicki Minaj are both very infectious little bops. Lil Wayne and Future do fairly well as guest features. Wayne brings his usual, slurry rhymes on the sexy Let Me Love You, whereas Future helps out on the chorus of the underrated and very fun track Everyday. As I’ve chosen to review the deluxe version of this album which has three extra tracks, out of I Don’t Care, Touch It and Knew Better/Forever Boy, it’s only really Touch It that keeps the same quality as the rest of the album. Overall this is a very good album that proves that Ariana is a very capable pop queen. I do think that she is capable of making something very special if she had the room to experiment with her sound.

1. Moonlight – 6.9
2. Dangerous Woman – 8.5
3. Be Alright – 7.4
4. Into You – 8.5
5. Side To Side – 7.8
6. Let Me Love You – 7.9
7. Greedy – 7.3
8. Leave Me Lonely – 7.4
9. Everyday – 8.2
10. Sometimes – 7.7
11. I Don’t Care – 6.8
12. Bad Decisions – 7.4
13. Touch It – 7.3
14. Knew Better / Forever Boy – 6.7
15. Thinking Bout You – 7.5